I want to design my garden

Our Vision

We are excited to see people inspired and empowered to care for their green spaces, themselves, and the planet.

By creating a web-based drawing tool that aids in observing and mapping the land, we wish to empower people to design, manage, and continue to enjoy tending to the land and people in their care.

Our first destination was to simplify the terrain mapping to leave more creativity for all garden-minded people, designers, teachers, and consultants.

We can see our tool as a base for hand-drawn designs or as a point of reference when deciding on the next big garden project.

In the future, we wish to simplify sharing designs and tips between designers, consultants, teachers, mentors, and mentees.

How it Works


Observe and learn from the land and connections between elements


Follow the creation process from land patterns to design details


Note your structures, infrastructure, and planting to see how they affect the land


Map and observe your land

illustration illustration

We support the manual drawing of fencing, contours, water bodies, property boundaries, and infrastructure. Depending on availability - for locations in New South Wales, you can request automatically generated block boundaries, contours, hydro and satellite imagery.

Learn from the sun

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To improve growth, animal health and human comfort, move around the sun tool simulating shade patterns for your approximate location to plan future planting or shelters.

Design your zones

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To support components on your land working together efficiently, note down your inputs and outputs to plan or improve the placement and design of your assets.

Build knowledge to see changes in time

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To simulate how your perennials cater to your animals, pollinators, and humans, note down the plants' parameters and use the highlighting feature to see flowers, foliage, and fruit each month and to plan for shade, protection, and produce processing.

Getting started

Currently, we are showcasing our free version to early adopters. We encourage anyone else interested to sign up for updates. If you share your email with us, we will contact you as soon as we officially launch our designer tool.

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